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Medical Negligence

O'Hanrahan Lally Solicitors have been acting on behalf of Plaintiffs in medical negligence actions for many years. We have represented clients in High Court proceedings involving cancer misdiagnosis, cerebral palsy births, problems at birth injuries and dental negligent actions.


If you believe that you have been injured or suffered loss that was due to medical treatment that you did or did not receive from a doctor, consultant or hospital then you may be entitled to compensation.


As with all litigation cases heavy reliance is placed on expert reports.  In a medical negligence action it is the usual course for all medical records relevant to a claim to be obtained. These records are then furnished to a medical expert for his/her consideration.  Usually such medical experts are located in the United Kingdom and it is their task to review the medical records and to then provide a report. If negligence is to be established they will have to be able to provide evidence that the hospital/doctor in question did something that a prudent doctor would not have done or did not do something that a prudent doctor would have done in the circumstances.


The report from the UK will generally be able to determine whether or not negligence can be established against the doctor and/or the hospital in question.  It is therefore very difficult to advise on the strength of one’s case in a medical negligence action until such time as we have this expert’s report to hand.  Generally speaking these types of reports cost approximately £2,000.00 sterling. If you believe you may have a claim for compensation arising out of negligent medical treatment please contact us on (01) 8555162 or email us at law@ohl.ie


* Solicitors cannot calculate fees or other charges in contentious business as a percentage or a proportion of any award or settlement nor is it our practice to do so.