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Family Law

The breakdown of any relationship is an extremely trying time for all involved when matters such as maintenance, access and custody of children may have to be considered.  We, at O’Hanrahan Lally make it our business that the most pain free and fair resolution is achieved as quickly as practicable.


We are aware that when a relationship breaks down that parties may wish to separate and we can provide excellent legal advice where necessary.


However, sometimes people wish for a Court recognised separation and we are able to assist in achieving this end by instituting judicial separation proceedings.


There is also the option for parties who have been living apart from each other for 4 out of the last 5 years to opt to seek a Decree of Divorce and this is something we can advise on also.


Please also note that our firm is on the Family Law Legal Aid Panel. 


If you wish to speak to a family law Solicitor regarding a family law matter please contact us on (01) 8555162 or email us at law@ohl.ie